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    This is my suggestion topic for a magic-using class.

    It should be called "Magician" or "Mage" or something like that.

    The Magician is used to be a highly customizable utility/supporting class which should be able to fit in almost every situation (with more spells). For example the Barrier spell may be used to block enemies, used as a bridge or shield against arrows and so on (or Blocks explosion block damage completly since its obisidan). The Meteor may be used for tactical strikes against clusters of entities (Necromancer or an enemy team) or against classes which tend to camping (Sniper, Soldier, Engineer) in order to destroy their traps/buildings/"camps"/bunkers.



    -no helmet
    -no chestplate
    -no trousers
    -light blue leather boots "Adept Mage Boots" #6699D8

    - 1 Stick "Defensive wand" with Knockback II enchantment
    - 1 Blaze Rod "Offensive wand" with Sharpness II and Fire Aspect II enchantment
    - 1 Nether Star "Master spell token"
    - 1 Golden Pickaxe "Bound Pickaxe" with Silk Touch I enchantment
    - 25 Cookies "Mana Cookie"
    - 10 Glass Blocks
    - 1 Compass "Player Locator"
    - Spell Books

    Spell System

    The Magician should not need donation to be played although more spells could be bought per donation for customization.

    The spell books are Enchanted books with no enchantment but named with the spell name after their classification like that:


    Right clicking the Spellbook bounds the Spell to the corresponding wand item (Defensive wand for defensive spells, Offensive wand for offensive spells and Master spell token for master spells).

    Currently to the wand bound spells may be shown in the description of the wand (like the Sniper bow has one).

    Right clicking the wand item casts the spell with either launching a projectile, targeting on block or without any target.

    Offensive spells have seperate cooldowns depending on the power of the spells although the strongest offensive spells belong to the master spells, some spells are chargeable. (100% exp bar = 100% spell power)
    Defensive spells have seperate cooldowns depending on the power of the spells, too, but are generally longer than those of the offensive ones.
    Maser spells have seperate, immense cooldowns which apply on all master spells upon use, cooldowns of Master spells are shown with the bossbar (only shown if you are Magician, in case you change the class)

    Cooldowns persist through death and class change.

    The 6 "Basic" spells are:

    Fireball (Blaze fireball), deals %/25, minimum 0.5 hearts (2 hearts full charged) as magic damage (goes through armor) and sets the target on fire, lasts 1 tick per charge %, at minimum 1 sec(for 1 fire tick, 0.5 hearts damage))
    Frost bolt (Snowball), deals %/25, minimum 0.5 hearts (2 hearts full charged) as magic damage (goes through armor) and applies the Slowness I effect for %*2 ticks(max. 10 seconds))
    Fireball and Frost bolt are chargeable (uses experience bar to show strength)

    Frost nova (encages surrounding entities in ice/compressed ice, picture in the attachments, 15 seconds cooldown)
    Mage armor (applies Absorption I for 30 seconds, 1 minute cooldown)

    Meteor (calls a meteor from the sky, impacting after random between 2 to 5 seconds (if possible), cannot hit indoor areas (making it somewhat useless for indoor areas like caves or buildings on first use), targets blocks, basically a Ghast fireball with charged creeper eXplosion (a bit stronger than a single TNT))

    Barrier (creates an obsidian wall or bridge, depending on the direction you're looking to for 10 seconds, replacing air and liquids)

    X= player
    O= obsidian block
    Z= Air
    P=player Under obsidian
    > = facing direction of the player

    example: looking to <DIRECTION> (North, South, East, West)

    (from behind the player) (from the side)
    Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z ........................Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z
    Z|O|O|O|O|O|Z ...^................Z|Z|Z|Z|O|Z >
    Z|O|O|X|O|O|Z ....................Z|X|Z|Z|O|Z

    example: looking 45°-90° UP to <DIRECTION>

    (from behind the player) (from the side) (from the top)
    Z|Z|O|O|O|Z|Z ....................Z|O|O|O|O|O|Z .......Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z
    Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z...^ .................Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z ...> ......Z|O|O|O|O|O|Z >
    Z|Z|Z|X|Z|Z|Z .................... Z|Z|Z|X|Z|Z|Z ... .......Z|O|O|P|O|O|Z
    Z|Z|Z|X|Z|Z|Z..................... Z|Z|Z|X|Z|Z|Z ...........Z|O|O|O|O|O|Z

    example: looking 45°-90° DOWN to <DIRECTION>

    (from behind the player) (from the side) (from the top)
    Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z ................... Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z ............ Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z
    Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z ..^ ...............Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z ...>........Z|Z|Z|O|O|O|O|O >
    Z|Z|Z|X|Z|Z|Z ...................X|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z .............X|Z|Z|O|O|O|O|O
    Z|Z|Z|X|Z|Z|Z ..................X|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z..............Z|Z|Z|O|O|O|O|O
    Z|Z|O|O|O|Z|Z ................Z|Z|Z|O|O|O|O|O............Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|Z

    The different Spells have various cooldowns, maybe lowering cooldowns for "simpler" spells and exTending them for "more complicated" spells the more times they are used.

    GRaphical information are in the attached pictUres.

    Additional spell ideas:

    - Teleportation (defensive): teleports to a targeted block or uses some kind of enderpearl-copy
    - Tel-APPORT-ation (master): teleports targeted entity to you (may be used to save allies or teleport enemies to you wHile youre standing on a cliff and punch them down with the Defensive wand) [for crazy: if its not possible to target entities yet, maybe check damage with a beam like this one of the elder guardian with 1.8, although the beam should deal no damage... or something like that](Actually, this is a reference to VP2 when Rufus asks Lezard Valeth (could be LTR) for his Tel-apportation-spell (which he misspelled...))
    - Fire nova (offensive): AoE fire spell, may also hurt the magician himself.
    - Magic Torch (defensive): places a torch at targeted block
    - Disarm (master): targeted player throws his selected item away (is that possible? try placing a copy on the ground in a 3 block radius around the player and replace the selected slot with 0 or just move it into the inventory, so the player has to open the inventory and loses time... or something like that)
    - Frozen Touch (defensive): attacks with the Defensive wand apply Slowness V for 5 seconds (15 seconds duration, 1 minute cooldown)
    - Spell Research (master): sacrifices 2 spell books and gives a random one (also possible to get donator spells and one of the spells you have sacrificed)
    - From Knowledge comes Power (master): creates Beacon beams with color of the player's team on everyone except for the casting magician which follows them for 5 seconds (if not possible, lightning on every player, deals no damage)
    - Frozen solid (master): turns ALL liquids and some blocks on the map into: Water (source) -> Ice, Ice -> Compressed Ice, Lava (source) -> Obsidian, Fire -> 0 (maybe additional ideas?)
    - Purge (defensive): purges targeted player (if no target, purge caster), removing all effects (positive and negative)
    - Remove Objects (master): removes all objects (items on ground, arrows etc.) from the map, reducing lag (if someone plays with cliftins inventory *cough*) and preventing archers from getting arrows back (quite useful), maybe a chance of 25% per mob to be removed, too (so it is not useless if theres no archer in the game).
    - Rite of the Defiler (master): Summons a Wither Boss at your position and kills you instantly (triggers master spell cooldown of 1000 seconds)
    - Mind Games (master): Leaves an illusion behind (player dummy) which fades instantly after being attacked (could catch an arrow, too). If the dummy gets killed, it applies Nausea for 5 seconds on the attacker and deals 4 (2 hearts) of damage to all entities in a 3 block radius and the attacker (if it got killed by an arrow).
    - Eternity (master): Instead of dying, a deadly hit will make you invisible, invulnerable and unable to act for 5 seconds, causing fire in a big area around you and regenerates blocks in a 3 block radius at a speed of 5 ticks per block (4 per second). Once the time is over, you rise like a phoenix from the ashes, lose 1 life, get healed completly and cause Nausea I for 5 seconds. If you have no life left, it will cause Poison III for 5 seconds and Nausea V for 30 seconds (lasts 30 seconds, 300 seconds cooldown)
    - Vortex (master) places a Dragon egg on the targetted block, pulling ALL pure entities towards it at 75% of max movement speed in a radius of 5 blocks, ignoring gravity). Dragon egg (and therefore vortex) vanish and stop existing on hit.

    Reference spells:
    - soar thru clouds (master): flying spell
    - Left to Rot (offensive): applies hunger
    - Dragonflames (master): sets an area on fire, turning stone-like materials into lava
    - Elgenzay (master): changes the class to warrior immediatly
    - Sovereign's Rite (master): catches the classes, life and effects of all active players and mixes them randomly. (Reference to: Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria)
    - Delayed Fireball (master): sets a Fireball (ghast fireball?) on the ground, activating after 2.5 seconds and exploding 1 second after someone passes a 2-3 block radius (maybe not visible, affects the caster, too). (Neverwinter Nights 2)
    - Blizzard (master): let it rain massive amounts of Snowballs in a radius 3 area around the targeted block, each acting like a Frost bolt (also freezes water, turns lava into obsidian and puts snow on the ground) (Warcraft 3/World of Warcraft)

    Class Arena idea

    Mage battle

    Hoster decides which spells are able to be used and their count, for example:

    1/2/3 spells per school
    Offensive active/locked
    Defensive active/locked
    Master active/locked
    Enchanted wands yes/no
    Choose offensive spell 1..;2..;3.. [Spells]
    Choose defensive spell 1..;2..;3.. [Spells]
    Choose master spell 1..;2..;3.. [Spells]
    Cooldown multiplier 0.5/1/1.5/2
    Max. battle time in ticks*1200 (minutes) with 0 = 999*1200
    Map [maps]

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    Much magic. Such awesome.
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    Hey Gooby!

    Shall we show this scrub (jk) some spells of our own? Let's show him the true power of LoW spells... in loa
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    With 14 new spell ideas and some text improvements...

    I'm open for ideas, pm me or write them here (credits will be given).
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    Updates are in green
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    Looking back at this, this looks amazing.
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