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    On LOA, we believe all players should play equally. We hate cheating and the cheaters who encourage it. Cheats and mods that ruin the spirit of vanilla Minecraft and ruins the game for you and everyone else. For this reason, we have a no-client-modifications policy. This also means we act quickly and decisively when we find someone cheating. However, we get many questions about "Okay client mods". Any client mod that doesn't affect gameplay or give you extra information is generally okay. If a mod isn't on this list, you probably shouldn't use it. If you think it should be allowed, ask here or a moderator in-game.

    Below is a list of commonly requested mods which we don't jail/ban for.
    • Optifine by sp614x - Leave the "Depth Fog" option ON and Fog on Fancy or Fast.
    • HD Textures and other graphics upgrades provided from MCPatcher by Kahr
    • SpoutCraft by The Spout Team - Turn OFF the Minimap and leave Void Fog ON
    • Antifreeze by last_username

    Notes on common mods
    • Texture packs that remove parts of the UI (pumpkin overlay, fire animation) is against the spirit of the game and are deeply frowned upon.
    • TooManyItems and NotEnoughItem's feature to give you a set of items in-game can get you auto-banned by the server if they activate and spam the server with commands.
    • zombe's and CJB's modpacks are disabled by the server upon joining. Do not try to circumvent this. Keep the radar turned off.
    • Rei's Minimap's cave and radar options are disabled. We would like you to turn off the rest of Rei's Minimap while playing on LOA.
    • Mod Macros is unnecessary to use on Legion Servers. We recommend you disable it while playing.

    Keep in mind, this isn't an official list or statement. It's just how we are and these are some warnings to help you survive the evil moderator team. If you can find a way to use these mods to gain an unfair advantage, congratulations. We will jail you.
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