Developer Log - July 06, 2015

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    • This is an official thread. It was posted on behalf of the administration.
    Hi all, it's been a while, hasn't it?

    Do you know what's important for Minecraft? Infrastructure. What did we improve? Our infrastructure.

    We purchased (well, rented) two more servers and decommissioned one, spreading our massively intensive game infrastructure across four servers. This has greatly improved stability and speed of our servers (tl;dr: 20 ticks per second!). However, this forced us to invest lots of time in reworking concepts that had only assumed we ran Minecraft on only one server, like our configuration files (mapping different IPs to each server) and even our configuration management system! It's amazing and painful to note that Legion of Anarchy with it's 180GB world requires a server all to itself!

    During this weekend, we've done lots of in-game maintenance of game modes
    • Imported three new parkour courses to LOP -- Skydive, Castle, Icicle. (SnoFox & Elgenzay)
    • All LOP courses teleport you to spawn before death
      • Except Admin Parkour because "I don't think Crispy would approve of me making any aspect of his course more appealing" - Elgenzay
    • LOC toasted itself; so we spent all of Sunday doing the following
      • New, improved, upgraded plot plugin (SnoFox)
      • New world and new plots; get your old plot back by asking staff (SnoFox)
      • Awesome new spawn plot (still a work in progress ^.^) (SnoFox & Elgenzay)
    • Added a new property in CraftRegions for stopping fall damage in the Nexus (Thank you, Jason_The_M1n3r for annoying me into this)
    • Added a new property in CraftRegions for stopping mushrooms from spreading (for the new LOC spawn)
    • Improved fire spreading detection in CraftRegions
    • Fixed our paste assistant plugin, so we can import LOB custom arenas again (Cobi)
    • Nerfed Zeus (SnoFox)
    • Wrote most of a special new plugin to allow for fancier menus using inventories instead of signs (SnoFox)
    • Wrote some of an awesome new plugin to make homes more better and LOA less pay-to-win (Cobi)
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