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Discussion in 'General Information' started by SnoFox, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    With the addition of Mojang's name changing, we've seen a greater influx of staff impersonation as well as our fair share of offensive/annoying names.

    Due to this, we are implementing a renaming policy that the staff team will follow. This will be applied to all players regardless if they're new to the server or not.

    We will rename people for the following reasons:
    • A name is too similar to a staff members current name
    • A name is being addressed as staff for any reason
    • A name is chosen specifically to target another player
    Three important things!
    1. We will not police player-to-player impersonation. We regard this as part of the anarchy aspect, such as CTCodemonkey's recent attempt to exploit TIDAG's "I" with an "l".
    2. We will not always give you an opportunity to pick or change your name after a staff member changes your name. If you become FluffyBunny8, you're stuck like that.
    3. Legion will leave the name change in your permanent history, similar to Mojang's tracking.

    You can, however, appeal a name change on the Ban, Jail, and Mute Appeals board. We will probably deny it though ;]
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