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    Arena Name: TowerDefense:_DesertGarrison (by jh10525)
    Battle Type: Payload
    Custom Kit Used: DesertGarrison by (jh10525)
    Preferred Respawn Ticks for Blue: 50
    Preferred Respawn Ticks for Red: 400
    Block Breaking Status: Not Able to Break or Place Blocks

    As some of you may know, I implemented a special type of Payload recently. In this arena, the Red Team (Defenders) are not able to
    leave the tower. In a way, it's literally Tower Defense. The Red Team will have to defend their tower and try to keep the Blue Team from reaching their destination.

    Just in case the uploads dont work, here's the link to the imgur page:
    imgur: the simple image sharer
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    I realized that yesterday might have been the wrong time to ask (it might have been very busy for the staff due to the release of 1.8), but may i have a notice when you (i mean the staff) make a decision on this arena?
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